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CAS 24937-78-8 Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Resin

Product Details:

Product Name  EVA Resin / EVA Granules / EVA Raw Material /

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer

 Color  White,Yellow,Red,Blue or Customized
 Glossiness  Glossy
 Odor  Smell or Non-smell
 Wear Resistance  Wearproof
 Scrappage  Low
 Ratio(expansion rate)  As customers’ different mould expansion.

Usually ratio is 160 or 165.

Mix S and L to make EVA finished products.

 Hardness  Soft  Hardness 40-50
   Medium  Hardness 50-60
   Hard  Hardness 60-65

1.Eva granules/pellets (also named Eva foam materials) are widely used to produce Eva slippers, sandals, shoe sole, rain boots, road sign, shopping baskets, toys, baby buggy tires, foam rollers, bicycle seat cushion etc.

2.Injection, Mould foaming, Secondary foam foaming in the mould



1. Light weight.

2. High Elasticity.

3. Heat & cold resistence.

4. Water resistance.

5. Non-toxic & Environmental-friendly.

6. No odour.

7. Customized Formula in terms of color, hardness, ratio and chemicals.

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